This blog begins on the day we learned we had obtained a precious commodity:  A Rincon PO Box.  The significance and implications of such a commodity might be better appreciated with a little bit of context.

Very few of the streets in Rincon (outside of the town center) have names and our street is no execption (cue U2…).   As I understand it, historically most of the land was divided into family plots so everyone knew where various families lived. 

With no street names, addresses are offically identified as a kilometer point off of the nearest numbered main road.  Our physical house address (dirección física) is “Carr. 412, 4.1 km int.” where int. stands for interior.  So basically, drive 4.1 kilometers up the 412 and we’re somewhere interior to that!  We’ll keep a light on for you…  🙂

As home delivery of mail is not an option in our neck of the woods, we needed to get a post office box.  We heard a rumor that there was a waiting list for a Rincon PO Box so decided to try to get one (or get on the waiting list) before we physically moved over.  Our buddies Hector (who is looking after the house for us) and Gladys helped us secure a PO Box, which is what we’ll use for our snail mail.

Now, we can start changing addresses on our various accounts and order the essential products we will need to have as soon as we arrive:

1.  An Aerobed (our house currently has a stove and fridge…nada mas!)

2.  An electric kettle (so Nick can have his cuppa– A huge box of PG Tips will be arriving with us)