Very few of our friends and family have actually been to Puerto Rico.  This will change once we move over (visits number one, two and three have already been booked and we haven’t even left the UK yet…).  The exact location of Puerto Rico is challenging to many.  “Oh!  Great!  You’re moving to Central America”.  No, its Puerto Rico, NOT Costa Rica…  To be fair, we are still learning a lot about la isla, it’s complex history and the unique relationship with the United States.  But, once a professor, always a professor, so here is a quick PR Primer.  We’ll stick with the basics for now (no complex political discussions):

First off, this map shows Puerto Rico’s location vis a vis North and South America:

Caribbean Map

 We are moving to Rincon, which is located on the west coast of the island:

Puerto Rico Map

 Of course, you didn’t think you’d be getting away without some statistics and facts, did you?  Here are a few random but grounding facts:

  • Puerto Rico is a US territory that has been given ‘self governing’ commonwealth status.
  • Under the commonwealth formula, residents of Puerto Rico lack voting representation in Congress and do not participate in presidential elections.
  • As U.S. citizens, Puerto Ricans are subject to military service and most federal laws (PR does levy its own taxes). 
  • Popluation (2006 est.): 3,927,188 (+2!!!!)
  • Languages: Spanish and English (both official)
  • Puerto Rico is approximately 100 miles long and 35 miles wide.
  • The highest point in Puerto Rico is Cerro de Punta (1,338 m).
  • The distance from Miami to San Juan, PR is 1032 miles.
  • The distance from San Juan to Rincon is around 94 miles.
  • Driving time from San Juan to Rincon is 2 to 2 1/2 hours… 
  • Driving time from Casa Hardy to the beach: under 10 minutes!
  • The fortifications of San Juan in Puerto Rico were built to protect the Spanish. And protect them they did:  In 1595 the explorer and adventurer, Sir Francis Drake was unable to breach the Spanish line of defense (sorry Nick…).

As we continue to learn more about Puerto Rico, we’ll be sure to share, no worries!  🙂