So finally things are beginning to actually happen and seeing, as they say, is believing. The reality of the move is really beginning to sink in for both of us.

Today has brought some excellent news; our house in Horley, which has been ‘under offer’ since May, has finally been ‘sold’ with an exchange of contracts this morning! 🙂
Completion will be on Aug 24th, 4 days after we leave. We are very relieved as this has been dragging on for about 6 weeks with daily (mainly fruitless) calls to the estate agent and solicitor.

The other momentous events of the day have been…

a/ Expiration of gym membership. We went for the last time this morning, swiftly followed by a ceremonial cutting up of membership cards, which pleased me more than Miri as I really DIDN’T enjoy getting up and going to the gym at 6.30am every (nearly) weekday morning!

b/ Collection of our stuff to be shipped. In the end we had 17 boxes that we (well mostly Miri!) have spent the last couple of weeks packing. I loaded up the car (2 trips – see pic below) and brought them in to work yesterday and they got picked up this morning. One advantage of working for a freight forwarder is excellent customer service! 🙂
The boxes will be ocean freighted to San Juan (via Miami) and will take ‘about a month’ to get there, so we will probably be there between 1 and 2 weeks before they arrive.

The first leg of the journey for our 17 boxes