As we are not shipping any of our furniture, we have been quite busy over the past few months ‘lento pero seguro’ (slowly but surely) getting rid of various items.  Thankfully, the couple buying our house wanted to buy a good number of items, including our bed, dining room table, stove…and our garden chairs!  But, there was plenty left to get rid of.  Through sales to office mates, friends, success on ebay and online ad posting sites, we were in pretty good shape going into the home stretch of our house clearance efforts:  the ‘estate’ sale (aka a ‘garage sale’).

I was surprised to find out that, here in the UK, folks are not big on garage sales.  In the US, garage sales are a very popular and frequent.  Here, they are not!  Despite a door to door drop of over 200 leaflets, we had a somewhat disappointing turnout.  But, to our delight, we sold our two largest remaining possessions:  Our trusty Honda Civic and our sofas!  Various local charities happily relieved us of everything we did not manage to sell.  See?  The living room is empty!