Last week end, we traveled out to Somerset in the West Country by train (see previous post…) for a farewell weekend with Nick’s family. The weather cooperated  quite nicely, and we enjoyed spending a few sunny days (and two chilly BBQ nights) with the family.

We were given a thoughtfully prepared ’emigration kit’, including various humorous items such as packs of English Breakfast Tea, a jar of English rain, mosquito repellent and ‘his’ and ‘hers’ ponchos for braving tropical storms. A touch of foreshadowing perhaps? We realize that August is prime hurricane season but were a tad miffed to discover that tropical storm Dean is building up speed and making its way west.  It is still too early to forecast how Puerto Rico will be effected.  Needless to say, Tropical Storm Dean: Tracking Map is my home page for the next few days!  Keep your fingers crossed for us and everyone in Puerto Rico!

Family Farewell Party