Our flight to PR (via JFK) leaves Monday evening so this is our last weekend in the UK.  As we monitor Hurricane Dean (now a category 4!) passing south of Puerto Rico, the weather here in the UK is typical for our summer this year:  rainy, gray and a tad chilly.  I am seeing some signs of blue sky, so hopefully the weekend will not be a total wash.

By now, we have gotten used to the abundant echoes in our house.  Today, our fridge and washing machine (as well as our wine glasses!) are being picked up by a local woman who bought them (and a whole load of other assorted items) a few weeks ago but considerately let us hold on to these essentials until our last few days.

Chores for today: Last visits to the local library, bank and post office.
Treat at the end of the day:  Curry with friends!!!!  🙂

We are now sans broadband.  Boy I hate dial-up!  I feel like a fish out of water without my constant internet access!  But, as Nick wisely points out, this is good preparation for what is to come.  We will not have internet access when we move into Casa Hardy (we won’t even have a phone…).  Hopefully, we’ll get hooked up fairly quickly but we will be operating on ‘island time’ so we are both resolved to be patient (no laughing!).  Fortunately, there are a lot of cafes in Rincon that offer free wireless access so I’ll be able to simultaneously feed my caffeine and internet fix.  Nick is a lot more excited about the beach bars with internet access…  🙂