Day 3: not been anywhere near a beach or the sea yet. Before we got here we were wondering how long it would ‘feel like a vacation’. The answer; about 10 minutes!

However, waking up in the morning and standing (no chairs yet!) on the balcony at 7am in the bright sunshine with a cup of tea is a non-too-shabby way to start the day. Below is a pic Miri took from even earlier in the morning (jetlag still in full force) just as the sun was coming up.


Julio arrived as promised and starting sawing extra chunks out of the kitchen worktop to fit the new sink. It took a while but eventually the new sink was in.

Old sink - no sink - new sink!

Against our expectations, we also now have gas. Raffucci Gas called and said something along the lines of “OK, we’re in your area, where are you?” The guy spoke reasonable English, but not enough to follow our convoluted directions. Fortunately, Julio was still here and agreed to speak to them. That got them most of the way but they were still lost, so I went out in the car to bring them through the last couple of turns!
Once they were here it was a simple operation to hook up the gas bottle and test the cooker, so now we’re literally “cooking on gas”!

Lovely new gas cylinder

Now the first few days of blog postings are up (they will be more regular once we have broadband at home), we’re going shopping this afternoon in Mayaguez. This is the next town south, and it has a couple of large malls and big stores like Sam’s Club, Home Depot etc. We have a big long list of stuff to buy, starting with a plastic table & chairs so we have something to sit on other than our airbed. That way I can upgrade my office! 🙂

Hard at work in my office

Tomorrow morning after breakfast we are going to the beach, for the first time since we got here, for some much needed R&R.