Dead on 9am next morning Hector and Julio from ‘Pronto Plumbing’ (great name!) showed up and Julio got to work cutting the pipe (apparently the original valve had not been installed to make replacement easy) and installing the shiny new valve.

New pressure valve

After he’d done that we got him to take a look at the double sink in the kitchen which was leaking from both bowls and also had a hot tap which couldn’t be shut-off. He advised that the faucet (got to get used to these American terms!) was ‘crap’ in his professional opinion and advised getting it replaced. We could of got the sink leaks fixed but since it was a plastic unit we opted to spend the money on a good quality stainless steel replacement instead. Julio went off to buy the supplies promising to be back in an hour. While this was going on, Miri set about cleaning the house. It was amazing how dirty a house gets after 6 months, even when its been kept shut-up the whole time. Completely cleaning the whole place is gonna take a while. Fortunately Miri’s brother and sister are coming soon, so we’ll have some slave labour to call on.

Julio got back with the new sink and faucet and set about taking the old one out, only to find the hole in the worktop was smaller than expected and so the new sink wasn’t going to fit without some additional cutting. He didn’t have the tools on him to do this, so is coming back tomorrow morning to finish the job. We can live without a kitchen sink for a day. The afternoon found us doing chores in town, such as picking up our post for the first time (easy), going online to send out “we’ve arrived” emails to family (easy) and going to the gas supplier to order a bottle of gas for our cooker (not so easy). The lady at the gas place spoke about as much English as we do Spanish, which made for an interesting conversation. We got our order understood, but since we don’t have a street address, the location for the delivery was more of a challenge. We explained roughly which neighbourhood we were in and she took down our mobile nr and said “no problem, tomorrow morning”. Neither of us have a high expectation of getting gas tomorrow, but we’ll see…