Arrived in PR safely on Tuesday after a LONG trip from London. Flights were all more or less on time and generally uneventful. Immigration in JFK (which I was a bit worried about) was actually a breeze. We got a really friendly guy at the immigration desk who was chatting away while he looked through my papers, and then without any serious questions he stamped my visa and pointed us in the direction of ‘secondary processing’. This, as it turned out, was me signing and fingerprinting a pre-filled form, making me an official ‘resident alien’ 🙂

Since we didn’t have to queue for either step it all happened very fast, we were through in less than 30mins which was great. The not so great part was that we then had 6 hours to kill in JFK airport. We soon found out that not much goes on there (at least in terminals 8/9) between midnight and 6am. We found one area with an open 24hr ‘Hudson News’ kiosk around which everyone seemed to be congregating, so we found the least uncomfortable chairs and ‘hung out’; passing the time trying to sleep, reading or just people watching.

When we finally got to San Juan there was a problem with the baggage from our flight. Nothing at all happened at our reclaim belt for about 45mins and of course there was no information given out. Then the belt started and everyone perked up, only for it to stop again almost immediately. A minute or two later, exactly the same thing happened and the crowd was starting to get very restless, there was a lot of disgruntled muttering going on around us in Spanish! Fortunately the belt then started up again and luggage actually began appearing to much relief all around. Amazingly all 4 of our checked bags made it from LHR to SJU without incident, even my golf club bag which had to be checked separately as an oversized item.

The last leg of our journey was the drive to Rincón from San Juan. We picked up our car from Budget and despite our tiredness managed to navigate the journey without getting lost and/or crashing! 🙂
We left our old home at 3.30pm UK time on Monday 20th and arrived at Island West (the estate agents) to pickup the keys for our new home at 2:30pm PR time on Tuesday. Total journey time: 28 hours!