I am happy to report success on the shopping front yesterday.  Nick graciously endured trips to Sam’s Club (twice), Kmart (twice) and Home Depot!  Most importantly, we now are the proud owners of a lovely set of plastic garden furniture (purchased at Home Depot, where we were assisted by the friendliest and happiest store employees I’ve ever met!). 

We finally made it to the beach this morning.  After a stop at our local bakery (Hector took us in on our first day and introduced us) for ‘fresh from the oven’ bread, milk and some pastries (Guava-Cheese danish was our favorite!), we drove into town for a lengthy walk on the beach.  The weather was perfect -mornings this time of year are the best part of the day as rains usually hits like clockwork mid-afternoon.  Today’s rain was a massive thunderstorm, with amazing amounts of rain.  We enjoyed the show from our balcony (sat on our lovely chairs) until the rain drove us into our casa where we spent the afternoon cleaning (me) and organizing (Nick).