This morning (Sunday) started bright and early (as usual) with Miri doing some more cleaning (as usual). It seems our days revolve around cleaning and shopping, with the occasional breaks to eat!

I was keen to try out an item I purchased yesterday, which no self-respecting local is without… a machete! My mission was to clear a path to the nearest papaya tree (about 15 feet away through the undergrowth, down a slope).


After a few practice swings I was off. It was hard going (I think my technique needs some work, but also the machete needs to be sharpened) and I’d got about 3 feet when I was forced to retreat ‘muy rapido’ as I’d stepped on an ant’s nest and those little critters pack a mean bite.

The morals of this story are; a/ never go into the jungle wearing inappropriate clothing and b/ watch were you step.

My plan now is to buy some work boots and then have another go tomorrow – wearing jeans. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to buy a jumbo sized can of Raid!

Footnote; Miri stepped on an ants nest outside and got bitten on the first day we got here and I didn’t appreciate at the time how unpleasant it is. Karma, as they say, is a bitch!