Knowing that we would be somewhat lacking electronic audio-visual entertainment for a while (i.e. no TV) I downloaded a few movies onto my laptop from Sky’s online selection before we left.
Our evenings thus far have mainly involved eating dinner and then going to sleep more or less straight away. Last night however, we decided we had enough energy left to watch one of our films, so we setup our ‘home cinema’…

Popcorn anyone?

Unfortunately our choice of movie (‘Factotum’ starring Matt Dillon) was very poor. It was a slow moving and somewhat dull film that didn’t seem to have any specific plot or purpose and so failed to grab our attention. Therefore Miri was soon nodding off (despite the plastic chairs) and I was also struggling to stay awake!

We’ve got 7 more films saved on the laptop, so brace yourselves for more movie ‘reviews’ in the coming days! 🙂