We have both been spending LOTS of time cleaning, organizing and 
generally getting settled.  Our first couple of days involved a great 
deal of water associated drama.  Nick filled you in on the sink saga.  
The next day, we woke up to a lovely sink, but no water!  Concerned, I 
popped out to ask our next door neighbor in my feeble Spanish whether 
they, too, had no water.  She affirmed that the water was out.  Oh 
well!  These things happen frequently enough here so we all have big 
blue water tanks on our roof. We switched over to our back-up supply 
which meant we had water again, albeit of fairly low pressure  (an electric pump will sort that problem out if we discover this is a frequent occurrence).   
In the meantime, our neighbor’s son appeared at our front yard, 
carrying two bottles of water for us!  They clearly thought we either 
hadn’t filled up our tank or didn’t have to know how to switch over.  
We were quite touched and hopefully will find a way to show our 
appreciation (other than ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Muy amable!).  Perhaps some 
fruit once Nick finally blazes a trail to that elusive papaya tree of 

Today we were on ‘house arrest’, waiting for Puerto Rico Telephone 
Company to install a phone line to our house.  We were told they would 
call for directions when they were nearer to ours.  Given our learning 
experiences with the gas company, we had a ‘punta del encuantro’ (point of meeting) all figured out.  Sadly, we are still sans phone as the 
order was entered incorrectly and we were put into the system as having 
an existing line needing activation.  We now have an appointment for 
Wednesday.  We’ll keep you posted…

Regardless, we used our ‘down’ time today well, washing the lovely 
dishes and other kitchen items we purchased yesterday in Mayaguez Mall 
as well as finally organizing our clothing in our new hanging shelves 
(still no ‘real’ furniture…). We discovered that going to the mall on Sunday is a very popular activity in Puerto Rico.  In the future, we 
will shop during the week!

On the way back from the mall, I stopped at a local produce stand.  
I’ve been on the look out for fresh, local produce (a lot of the 
supermarket goods are imported).  One of the vendors spent most of his 
life in the US and spoke fluent English so I happily got a Puerto Rico 
Produce 101 primer.  I won’t bother showing you the  traditional stuff 
(tomatoes, bananas, onions, garlic).  The strange looking fruit on the 
left is a melon.  Next to it is a local (organic!) avocado and the 
small bag contains little sweet peppers.  In the elongated box is a 
locally produced product that made Nick forgive me the amount of time 
(and $) spent:  A sponge cake (similar to a jelly roll… swiss roll to any brits reading this) filled with guava and cheese!  Yum!


One other highlight of the weekend was a visit to La Rosa Inglesa, a 
local breakfast/brunch spot with amazing views of the sea.  
Importantly, the proprietors are ex-pat Brits, so Nick was able to 
partake in a full English brekkie!

La Rosa!

For those who are wondering, no, I do not have a new hair style.  My hair has not seen a blow dryer nor a hair straightener since we got here, so I’m back to my natural curly hair!