Our next door neighbors have chickens.  Those of you that have been around them know that roosters crowing only at dawn is a myth.  Indeed, they start going at 3am (or earlier if the mood strikes)… 

I’m writing this sat on our balcony at 6am watching the sunrise.  This has become somewhat of a morning ritual, though I’m happy to have somewhat overcome jetlag by now, so I no longer also wake up at 3am to the sound of roosters.  This suggests to me that it IS possible to sleep through the cacophony of chicken sounds.  Any advice (other than breaking down and switching on the a/c to block out the noise or earplugs, which we already use) would be much appreciated.  Sniper rifles are not an option.

Last night we welcomed my brother Avi to Casa Hardy.  As you can see, we are now very well equipped to welcome guests to our home.  Note the complimentary ear-plugs on the ‘night table’ (eye mask available upon request).

guest bed

We picked Avi up at Aguadilla Airport, which is about 40 minutes from us (we still need to investigate a potential short cut that might cut 5-10 minutes off the trip).  The drive was easy enough (and I spotted a health food store along the way, which pleased me) though the entrance to the airport was not well signed.    We figured we might have gone too far when we approached the beach and a golf course, with the single airport runway behind us, twinkling away in the Caribbean night.  To be fair, on the way out we did spot a sign.  It just is not lit at night.  As with many of our experiences, for next time, we know.