We had been admiring our next door neighbor’s horses from a far for a few days before we finally got to meet Leo.  She stopped by to introduce herself and told us to let her know if we ever needed anything.  As Nick mentioned, the other day, we decided to check and see what internet solution (if any…) she had.  We walked over to her house and were greeted by her many dogs.  Leo is very active in a local animal rescue organization, and practices what she preaches:  All her dogs are former strays and they are very sweet. 

Leo mentioned during our chat that she was pleased with her mobile broadband solution but that it seemed to be operating a tad slowly since she got back from the US.  Nick offered his IT services to diagnose the situation, and we later returned for some computer consulting.  Rather, Nick did the consulting while I had a nice chat with Leo over a cup of tea.  She filled me in on various logistics in the neighborhood (e.g., trash pick-up does not follow a specific schedule:  sometimes twice a week, sometimes not at all).  I was pleased to discover that Leo shares my love of Marshalls.  I predict some shopping trips in the near future.  Nick was even happier than I was that I’ve potentially found a shopping buddy–the oh-too-frequent shopping expeditions are pretty rough on him…  🙂

While we were chatting away, Nick was working on Leo’s computer, doing his best to diagnose the problem.  Carlotta, Leo’s cockatoo (we think), was keenly interested in Nick (she has a thing for men, Leo told us).  We watched, quite amused, as she slowly and coyly made a move on Nick.  With her assistance, Nick removed some program that was eating up bandwidth.