Thursday was a fun day.  We were determined to put aside our chores for a day (aside from my ritual daily sweeping of the balcony and house) and get out and have some fun.  No contractors allowed!

We started off with brunch at La Rosa Inglesa then went down to Steps Beach for some fun in the sun.  Steps Beach is part of a the Tres Palmas Nature Reserve, which preserves the local reef.  The water was too churned up and silty for any good snorkel action (we’ve been there before so know how amazing it can be when conditions are right).  We spent some time playing ‘matkot’ (smashball) and splashing around in the water.   An early afternoon shower sent us packing but also resulted in a very comfortably cool and breezy afternoon.

Nick spent a happy hour playing an online computer game with his buds in the UK.  Technology is pretty amazing.  Note the clever use of my cutting board as a mouse pad… 

 We started our evening at Villa Cofresi, which is named after an infamous local pirate.  They are known for their ‘Pirata’ drink, which involved about 5 different types of rum, and is served in a freshly opened coconut (deftly chopped open with a machette, not rock, by bartender Eddie, who we found out lives quite near to us…).  Tasty!

For dinner, we headed to Rincon Nativo, a local sport bar which serves very tasty fresh food (the Dorado quesadillas were excellent).  Nick gave the Nativo Burger ‘thumbs up’.  Avi and Nick played some pool, and then we headed over to a local festival, celebrating the birth of our town’s partron Saint.