Yesterday morning saw an a/c repairman come to look at the unit in the spare bedroom (aka study) that was not working.
When Miri was arranging the appointment with Isaac over the phone he didn’t seem to recognise the landmarks she suggested for meeting points, so in the end it was agreed we’d meet him at our realtor’s office in town. Driving down there I noticed a pickup truck following us most of the way and when we pulled into the parking lot, the truck followed us. Yep, it was Isaac who’d been following us down the hill, and so we turned round and he proceeded to follow us straight back up it again! When we got to the house Isaac gave us some good info about how to describe the house and its location to people and also the local name for the bakery we were trying to suggest to him originally as a much closer meeting place. Each time we go through this process, we get slightly better educated about our surroundings!

When he checked the unit, it transpired that 6 months of non-use had caused the fan motor to get stuck and so by opening it up and giving it a few turns by hand Issac was able to get it going. A nice simple fix!

In the afternoon Hector came by, as planned, with the window guy to fit insect screens to the inside of our windows. This was done quickly as the guy had clearly done this many, many times before! We can now have lights on inside the house at night while the windows are open… a small, but important enhancement to our day-to-day existence.

The insect life here is varied, numerous and often quite large! Here’s a photo of a beetle that flew (somewhat ponderously) onto our balcony the other evening. It was huge (in beetle terms), about the size of a match box…

Big beetle

A cooler beasty is the firefly. We see a lot of them from our balcony and the one below made it into the house (pre-screens) and was resting on our living room ceiling for a while…

Once the screens were in we were talking to the guys about cars (we still need to buy one) and showed them a couple we’d found on ‘Classificados’ (an online 2nd hand trading site). They agreed to phone the people for us and ask the price (we didn’t want to call ourselves where the price was not listed in case it suddenly went up a few thousand when they heard our accents!). Unfortunately the cars were over our budget anyway, but the young window guy seemed very happy to sit there and continue searching for cars, pulling all sorts of different ones up on screen and asking if he should call.