When we first arrived here we were shocked at how overgrown the land had become.
Hector had cleared a small area in front of the house, either side of the driveway, but the sides and back were effectively ‘jungle’, making it very hard to walk around the outside of our house.

Over the weekend a land clearing guy has been in with his crew and put this right. It took them 2 days and they’ve only cleared a small swathe directly around the house, but it looks much better.

Miri is excited as we can now easily get to our passion fruit tree and the papaya tree is only a few feet into the ‘jungle’ and so within reach, with a little effort.

We’re taking a trip to Home Depot again today for “super Labor Day savings” and intend to pick up a big petrol lawn mower and a trimmer to keep the newly created area clear and also extend it slowly.

Here’s a couple of before-and-after shots of the side of the house…