Saturday was Avi’s last day in Puerto Rico.  While the crew cleared the land downstairs, we all toiled upstairs.  Avi’s help was much appreciated as we all cleaned the quite filthy railing around the balcony (which surrounds the entire house).  Nick’s expression in the slide show says it all…we’re glad that job is done for now. 

The afternoon was much more pleasant.  We went down to Barrio Guaniquilla in Aguada, the town to the north of Rincon (we are actually right smack on the border between Aguada and Rincon) for the first time since our move.  It was a hot but lovely afternoon, so we had a brief stroll down the beach, stopping to explore ‘Plaza Colon’, which commemorates the spot where Christopher Columbus first stepped on Puerto Rican soil (I believe there is a similar plaza in Aguadilla…).  I stayed in the one shady spot in the park while Nick and Avi took in the murals and sculptures.

Feeling we all deserved a drink before dinner, we stopped into a local bar, which also happened to have a pool table.  Amazingly, the table was free.  We spent a convivial hour or so at the bar, with Nick making friends with the local clientele, (one guy even bought us a round of drinks) who were much impressed by his pool playing talent. 

Dinner followed at ‘El Galleon’, a local restaurant overlooking the ocean where Avi sampled ‘Mofongo’ a typical Puerto Rican dish which involves mashed and fried plantains filled with fish, meat or (in Avi’s case) vegetables.  As the sun set, we watched as folks strolled by, other biking or jogging.  Very peaceful.  We could get used to this!