Nick has a new toy: a gasoline powered trimmer.  He tried it out yesterday to, once again, gain access to our Papaya tree (a tad easier now that the crew have cleared around the house.  Almost to the tree, he met up with his nemesis, the ant colony.  They were not happy to see him, nor he them!  This time, well prepared (and well protected) Nick blasted them with some chemical warfare.  Seems only fair, but we are wondering if anyone has any advice on how to control ants without the use of poisons? 

In the house, to keep ants at bay, I’ve been using a solution of water and vinegar to wipe down surfaces (I read somewhere in my online research that ants don’t like vinegar and that it also serves to ‘erase’ their trails).  Not sure if this works but we do have a very clean kitchen (albeit with a slightly pickled odor…)  🙂

As you can tell, Nick is very pleased with his new toy. The next item on his list is a lawn mower, so that we can actually keep on top of the insane growth during the wet season (aka summer in the tropics). We were quite intrigued by a cordless (rechargable) electric mower we saw at Home Depot. Does anyone have any experience with these vs. gasoline mowers?

On another note, I ordered a white noise machine from ebay today. We’ll keep you posted on its efficacy in improving our slumber time (no one mentioned ‘did a great job blocking out early morning chicken clucking’ in their reviews, but it is supposed to work against other sleep-disrupting noxious noises such as snoring and dogs barking so I’m hopeful