After a hard day of work for his company yesterday, Nick was back at it in the ‘estate’ today, waging war on the ants and furthering his machette skills (he is really getting quite impressive).  As you know, initial attempts to reach the papaya tree were futile, indeed quite painful.  We now know the fruit is not yet ready to be picked (though the fruit are massive–we have about 15 or so papaya fruit on the tree) but gaining access to the tree became a matter of principle (not that either of us is stubborn, mind you).  Today, we are happy to report that Nick finished his path to the tree and even cleared the vines and weeds that were doing their best to take over. 


On another note, later tonight we look forward to welcoming Naama, Bob and Ami to Casa Hardy (or ‘Casa  del Americanos’ as per one contractor).  Our neighbor Leo has invited us all to visit her and the animals tomorrow so I expect we will have a photo opp or two…