Naama, Bob and little Ami arrived Thursday evening.  We were happy to see them and this time even had water available for our guests (no trickly ‘back up tank’ shower, as experienced by our first guest Avi).  Our smallest guest was, however, a tad critical of our makeshift (and partial) window covering solutions.  Ami’s first words upon awaking Friday morning:  “Need sunglasses!”.   We have now augemented the window coverings with additional sheets to block out the morning sun.  Hopefully, accomodation reviews will be better this fine morning.

As Nick started his second full day of work, the rest of us headed over to Leo’s for a visit.  Ami was invited to pick fruit from the trees and met Leo’s horses, dogs, goat and a few cats.  Ami politely corrected Leo when she referred to one of her horses as her ‘baby’.  “That is a horse!”, he pointed out.  Ami also met Carlotta of Caribbean Computer Consulting fame, but she clearly is carrying a torch for my Nick and no tight connections were made.