What do you do with Papaya?”  Nick’s brother Dave asked this very timely question.  The largest papaya fruit on our tree looks (to the best of our internet-based knowledge) close to being ripe and will be harvested over the next few days.  There are many more fruit on the tree.  So, what DO you do with Papaya?

Aside from being a meat tenderizer, papaya is good for eating and cooking. Nick wrote a database program for me to organize my recipes electronically and I have been gathering recipes for a while, including many recipes based on fruits of trees we have. These are the recipes I have for Papaya so far (if anyone has any good recipes, please let me know!):

  1. My Aunt Tamar’s apple cake (with papaya instead of apples)
  2. Brown-bagged halibut with papaya salsa
  3. Mango papaya jam
  4. Mango papaya salsa
  5. Papaya ice-cream
  6. Papaya avocado salad
  7. Papaya bruschetta
  8. Papaya pie
  9. Papaya seed salad dressing
  10. Papaya spring rolls with peanut sauce
  11. Papaya and raisin bread

Another important use for our almost ripe papaya is sharing; our neighbors on both sides of us have been very welcoming and we look forward to having some fruit to share with them.