Yesterday evening the water went out again for a few hours.  With the ladder in position up to the roof (as I had to go up to switch over to the reserve tank), I suggested to Nick that we go up and chill on the roof with a beer.  Surprisingly, we had never done that before (go up to the roof at night, not chill with a beer).

WOW!  It was a clear night and the stars were amazingly clear.  The whole sky was filled with them (as it should be).  We even saw the milky way (don’t think I’d  ever seen it).  We both laid back on the roof (the front end of the house has an inclined, bench like formation which makes it quite conducive for lounging) and took it all in.  Pretty amazing!   In the future, we think we need to install a few hammocks up there.

This song is one of my old favorites (haircuts of the band members indicate that it is a very OLD favorite).