So we have picked the first papaya from our tree, and its a big one! Hopefully we got it at the right time (supposedly just before it goes completely yellow).

Picking the papaya
Auntie Miri picking the papaya under the supervision of Amishai and Uncle Nick.

Once it came off the tree it started ripening extremely quickly. Here it is, in all its glory, with some passion fruit that also came from our garden…
Home grown fruit

Sundown tonight is Rosh Ha’shana (Jewish New Year), so we’ll be having a festive meal with Bob, Naama and Amishai. It is customary to have at least one new food item that a blessing is said over (called Sh’hecheyanu). Our papaya is perfect for this and so will be served for dessert… we’re hoping it doesn’t taste awful! 🙂