As Nick mentioned, I have held off on driving in Puerto Rico.  Driving here is fairly frantic, and the roads in our ‘hood’ our very narrow and steep.  Nick’s little mirror incident (since repaired for really minor $) did little to bolster my confidence.  Today, the time came for me to suck it up and get behind the wheel.

I was concerned that I would experience a repeat of my first few weeks (or months…) of driving in the UK, where staying on the right (actually left) side of the road required extreme concentration, my road positioning made Nick a tad uncomfortable and I would be looking for my rear-view mirror on the wrong side.

I am happy to report that our round trip drive to Aguada was uneventful,  and I am now feeling better about my next few required driving assignments (e.g., driving the rental home once we buy a car and returning the rental to the airport).  Whew!