Doing office work on a plastic garden table has its charms, but we felt it was time to take the plunge and buy a desk. This we did yesterday and it officially became our first piece of ‘proper’ furniture!
We didn’t want to spend load$ on a desk, so we bought a nice looking corner desk from OfficeMax for $200. The only problem was it came flat-packed for self-assembly. Having both done this many times before neither of were looking forward to it, but after Miri’s driving ‘test’ this morning and a nice breakfast, we really didn’t have any more excuses. We unpacked the single box and looked on in dismay. There were 32 separate pieces of wood, 262 bolts, screws and fittings of various types and about 100 vague diagrams in the optimistically titled ‘instructions booklet’…

Desk in pieces

Several hours and a little (ok, a lot!) of swearing later, the pile of wood was transformed into this…

Desk completed

We also bought a Bose sound-dock for our iPod yesterday. Its amazing how such a small box can produce such stunning sound quality and deep rich bass without a separate sub-woofer. They are expensive, but (in my humble opinion) well worth it.