We are sat on our balcony in the dark, with just a candle and a bottle of wine for company.  Romantic, ‘eh? 

Well, it would be, but I’m on my laptop doing a blog posting!  🙂

We are experiencing our second power outage since moving over here.  The first one was last week, after a freak storm knocked down some power lines in town.  We know this, because we saw it happen right in front of our car!  We have no idea why this outage is occuring, but after last week’s brush with powerless-ness, we stocked up on candles so this time around, we were prepared.  Laptop battery power and mobile internet means we stay connected with the world, even sans power!  Amazing.  Having a gas stove also meant that dinner was on the table as planned.

One of our neighbors just rode by our house on his horse.  Pitch black road, man on horse.  Typical Puerto Rican landscape.  He stopped to have a flashlight-lit conversation with our next door neighbors.  “You wouldn’t see that in Horley” mused Nick.  Nope.