Today, so far, has been a day filled with happy stuff:

  1. I drove our rental car back to Aguadilla Airport and we are now rid of it.
  2. Nick picked me up at the airport and we explored Shacks beach, a new beach (to us) between Aguadilla and Isabella.  We liked it so much we plan to re-visit Shacks Beach this weekend (barring any errands requiring top priority attention) for some R&R and snorkeling.  Its a picture perfect, calm aqua blue clear water prototypical Caribbean beach.  Photos in a future post, fear not.
  3. We stopped by my favorite store in the area:  Freshmart!  This healthfood store is my new mecca.  They also have a wonderful deli which serves lunch.  You know a place does vegetarian food well when Nick quickly agrees that 11am is not too early to have lunch.  Tasty!