Nick tells me I’m banned from posting until a day is complete…  He feels my previous post was somewhat of a jinx to the rest of the day.  To make a long story, well, long, on the way back home from running an errand in town, the car started making some strange vibrations.  Quick assesment by Nick (did I mention it was pouring rain at the time?) revealed we had a flat tire…  Oh happy stuff indeed!  Fortunately, we were in an area conducive to pulling along a sidewalk (in that there WAS a sidewalk ) and we (i.e. Nick) pulled out the tire iron, jack and spare tire.  Sadly, no amount of coaxing would release said tire from its tight lug nut holdings.  We had cautiously opted for the roadside assistance option with our car insurance, so I quickly called them up as assistance was clearly needed.  Then it came the time to explain exactly where we were…  Hmmmmm.  Not that easy–recall that there are no street names or addresses that can be looked up on mapquest or the such.

I noticed a guy hanging around and quickly went over and asked him (en Espanol) to please explain our location to the dispatcher.  He did so and then offered to help.  He tried our tire iron and was able to loosen one of the nuts but that was about it.  He went off, returning with large poles to increase levarage, but to no avail.  He explained that our tire iron was worn, the nuts were on too tight and that hopefully when our ‘muchachos’ showed up, they would have better equipment (at least I think that’s what he said).  He wished us luck and was off.

In the meantime, a young guy who lived in a house down from where we were ‘parked’ popped his head out.  He asked if we needed any help.  To our relief, he spoke fluent English.  During the next hour or so, as we continued to wait for roadside assistance, his entire family came out, offering advice, help and multiple tire irons (none worked).  Finally, the sister drove off to a friend to get an air pump to attempt to fill the tire enough so we can get the car to a nearby garage.  No-one seemed overly impressed by our conviction that roadside assistance would be with us shortly.  We soon found out why.

We had managed to pump up the tire completely by the time the roadside assistance guy pulled up….in his Toyota Celica…  He pulled out a drill but could not remove the lug nuts.  He agreed that driving over to a garage or ideally the tire place in town is a good plan and we were to follow him down the hill to either location.  We gratefully thanked our helpers and drove down to town.  Once we got near to the tire place, our ‘roadside assistance’ guy drove off without actually stopping, clearly assuming his obligation to us was now finished!

We now have two new tires, a newly aligned and balanced car and also had a lovely wait at Rincon Tropical (a restaurant we enjoy) with a few beers and some nibbles.