So, following the flat tyre (I’m not switching to US spellings just yet!) fiasco, I’ve been reviewing our in-car equipment. It seems a new tyre iron, better jack and 12V air pump are the order of the day. Whilst browsing at a gas station shop we found this stuff on the shelf…

The claim is that you just plug the can into the flat tyre and it re-inflates AND seals it in just a few seconds. You then drive on down to the tyre place and get them to fix/replace it at your leisure. So, instead of hanging around in the pouring rain for ages looking silly, trying to undo wheel nuts that were clearly tightened by the incredible hulk in a particularly bad mood, you just pop the can on the valve of the flat tyre, give it a quick spray and off you go.

Now, this sounds much too good to be true, and I’ve never come across this product before, so I’m really curious to know if it actually works. Have any of you…
a/ ever heard of it?
b/ read any reviews or know anyone who’s used it?
c/ actually used it yourself?