Yesterday, my day off from work was spent shopping (again). We also wanted to pop in to Pep Boys to get an estimate for fixing the few things we know are wrong with the car and a full service. We figured this wouldn’t take long but actually ended up taking 4 hours as the queues were terrible and they had to run a computer diagnostic. While we waited we shopped. Then when we finally got the car back, we drove to another mall and shopped some more. The only bright spot being a lunch break for pizza and beer. After some more shopping we finally got home at 5:30pm, fully 10 hours after we left home! 😦

On a positive note, we did buy a lot of stuff including a Sharp 19″ LCD HDTV for our bedroom (we can’t buy the proper big TV until the construction is done) and an HP all-in-one printer/scanner/copier which I need for work. I vaguely recall Miri buying some stuff too, but not things that really got onto my radar (you know pots, pans, clothes; that type of thing).