Apologies for the lack of posts, we’ve been really busy for the last few days.

Saturday morning, as we were preparing to leave for the beach, a guy called to inform us he was “on the 115, about 10 minutes from Rincon and could he have directions?”. When we politely enquired as to why he wanted to visit, it transpired he had our shipment of 17 boxes loaded on his van that had been ocean freighted from the UK. This was as unexpected as it was overdue. We should have had them about 3 weeks ago, but the local agents and customs had been dragging their feet. Although we’d been ringing the agents & customs broker near enough daily for the last 2 weeks, we hadn’t been told they’d be delivered on Saturday.

This seems typical of the island; forward planning and appointments exist in theory, but in practice it often appears nothing is happening and then suddenly people show up out of the blue and the job gets done.

Fortunately we were home when he called and not at the beach already. So we jumped in the car and drove down to meet them at a convenient point on the 115 where we could transfer the boxes over, to save them driving up the steep & windy roads in their van (which it transpired was on its last legs anyway). They did fit, just…

Boxes and boxes and boxes

We did still manage to go and check out a new beach (Miri will post on this later), and then it was home to begin unpacking. That was actually a lot of fun since it was 2 months ago that the boxes were packed, so each item we unwrapped was a surprise.
Amazingly all the boxes arrived in decent shape and not one single item within them was broken! 🙂

I also spent a good few hours on Sunday using my new trimmmer (the first one I got broke the 2nd time I used it!) to keep our ‘yard’ under control. It was pleasing to note that the whole area we currently have clear can be maintained in a single day. As we beat more of the jungle back away from the house I fear this will change however.

Sunday early evening saw us entertain our first local guests. Our next door neighbour Leo and her boyfriend Steve came by for drinks and nibbles, and we spent a nice couple of hours chatting with them and finding out some of the local gossip.