Slowly but surely, we are exploring the beaches within a 1 hour radius of Rincon.  We are finding that each beach has its own unique character, which is true even if beaches are less than a mile apart from each other.

We recently spent time at Shacks Beach and Jobos Beach in Isabela (45 minutes from home).  Shacks Beach has no facilities but is very peaceful (even on the weekend!), is home to some of the largest iguanas we’ve seen and has AMAZING snorkeling right off the shore. 

Jobos Beach is a much more ‘happening’ beach and is quite the scene on a weekend, with lots of music, beach bars and folks camped out for the day (with tents, hammocks and the obligatory cooler or two).

While at Jobos, we took the opportunity to explore the spectacular karst landscape.  We admired Montones Beach (no facilities so pretty much deserted) from a distance and visited a local spot of lore named ‘Pozo de Jacinto’ or ‘Jacinto’s Well’. 

Legend has it that this sinkhole is a place of good luck for everyone except the farmer for whom it is named.   Jacinto had a favorite cow which he kept tied to himself while he was pasturing his herd. The cow apparently got too close to the edge of the sinkhole and fell in, dragging Jacinto in with her to their death. Today, it is said to be lucky to shout, “Jacinto! Dame la vaca!” (Give me the cow!) as the spray comes up.  Or, you can just stand and admire the amazing power of the ocean as it lashes against the karst walls…