Our quest to find some furniture (other than the fetching white plastic garden furniture we have grown to cherish) continues.  We ask around, but the answer is usually a sad shake of the head followed by the advice to go to San Juan (2.5 hour drive away).  We have looked at all the big department stores around here but found nothing we like.  Local furniture stores stock almost exclusively pressed-wood furniture, which we have been warned against, given the humid conditions.  One has to wonder why it is so popular here?  Is it price?

The other day, we planned to head over to Mayaguez in quest of a furniture store I found online that carries modern furniture.  Their website is entirely in English, so I figured I’d call and ask for directions.  My “Buen Dia, habla Englais por favor?” was answered with a passionate “¡Ay, caramba!  ¡No!”.  I managed to explain that I needed directions from Rincon.  The answer came fast and furious (despite my announcement that I spoke very little Spanish) and I was amazed I actually understood a few words.  However, not enough to figure out how to find that damn store…  I pointed out that ‘Lo siento, no entiendo…’ (Sorry, I don’t understand) at which point there was much shouting on the other end of the line (I’ve come to expect this, as it indicates the person on the other end of the line is trying desperately to find ANYONE how speaks English).  Finally, another person came on the line and tried to explain ‘en Englais’ how to get to the store.  No dice…  Finally they asked “You don’t speak Spanish?”  I said “un poco”.  “¡Aaah!  Tu hable poco Espanol!” they said happily and proceeding to give me directions in Spanish.  Amazingly, this time I actually followed the directions (it helped that we drive to Mayaguez a lot and I knew a bunch of the landmarks they mentioned and Nick picked up on the word for ‘bridge’ which was a crucial landmark as to when you have gone passed the turnoff for the store). 

We headed out to Mayaguez wondering if we would find the store.  Well, we actually did, amazingly enough.  However, though the quality of the pressed wood furniture seemed better than other places we had been to, it was still all pressed wood.  Nice looking pressed wood, but expensive pressed wood.  Our neighbor Leo has been telling us about a great warehouse place in San Juan that has tons of great furniture (solid wood) for great prices.  We are planning a road trip for Tuesday…