As has become our routine, Sunday is gardening day. Today we decided some more ground clearing was in order. Our objective was to clear around the palm tree and the young mango tree that are behind our passion fruit ‘tree’ at the back of the house.
I was on trimmer duty and Miri was armed with our machete.

To capture the effort, I setup our digital camera in time-lapse video mode. Unfortunately the battery ran out in just under an hour, so alas you can’t see the full 3 hour slog! 😦

Cutting through the brush is hard work. The trimmer makes life much easier when its just tall grass, but on the more woody weeds it struggles and the cutting line breaks regularly. In theory it can be advanced by tapping the cutting head on the ground while the trimmer is running, but in practice if you push it too hard the line breaks completely. Then you have to switch the trimmer off, open up the spool, hand feed new line through and then put it back together. This seriously hampers productivity.
Sometimes you just have to give up with mechanical assistance and hack away with a machete instead!

Cleared area

Palm tree in plain view