Our long trip to San Juan (2.5 hours each way) was not in vain!  I’m happy to report that we had a very successful trip to Furniture Warehouse Outlet in Carolina, San Juan. This store had been recommended to us by a number of folks here in Rincon and it did not disappoint.  We were a bit apprehensive (especially Nick) about the possibility of ending up spending an entire day in San Juan going from store to store to find furniture.  But, after 3 hours at the warehouse (which is very very large) we found a lot of items we absolutely adore including:

  • A complete bedroom set (Yippee!!!  No more airbed….)
  • A large leather sofa
  • A dining room table and seating
  • Shelving units

We will post pictures of the furniture once it is (hopefully) delivered on Saturday. 

Once we were done at the warehouse, we popped into my favorite (and Nick’s least favorite) store Marshalls and bought some sheets and a mattress pad for our new bed and place mats for the table.  We then headed towards Condado (a fairly posh touristy area of San Juan) for some R&R, and a well earned Medalla before dinner.  Having lived in a very rural part of Puerto Rico for the past 50 odd days, it felt quite strange to be back in a big city with expensive shopping, very limited parking and lots of honking!  Definitely not our version of a Caribbean lifestyle.  We enjoyed the local plaza and had a few quite expensive beers but were happy in the knowledge that our peaceful oasis in green awaited us back west.

On to dinner…  Well, fortunately, we both set our expectations quite low for the Indian curry house so we were not disappointed.  The menu at the restaurant was mostly Thai, with fairly few Indian options.  The chefs are both Thai, but we overhead mention that they have an Indian woman come in to teach them things…  Hmmmm…  The food was pleasant but nothing to write home about.  We give it a 5/10.  We’ll try the other restaurant next time we go to San Juan.  That chef is definitely Indian.

We were pretty knackered (that’s tired for you yanks) by the time we got home (10pm…) but happy for a job well done.  Nick would be pleased if he never had to set foot in a store ever again.  Unfortunatly, we now move on to operation ceiling fans!