Whilst driving along the autopista to San Juan yesterday, the car’s warning ‘chime’ started sounding. This normally only comes on if a seatbelt isn’t fastened or if one of the more serious warning lights is on. As you can imagine, we were somewhat concerned. The chime kept switching on and off and its duration and frequency were very inconsistent. None of the warning lights were on, the car was driving fine and we checked our seatbelts etc. but couldn’t find the problem. Very strange.

Since there wasn’t much we could do about it we carried on driving. After a while I noticed a correlation between the chime and our speed, and it finally dawned on us that the car was admonishing me for driving too fast!! Basically the chime sounded whenever I exceeded 65mph. We checked the owner’s guide and it made no mention of this.

Needless to say, I’m not overjoyed about this ‘feature’ and next time we’re at a mechanics I’m going to get them to switch it off. If for some reason they can’t, then I’m going to find that little chime speaker and switch it off myself… with a hammer!! 🙂