We both woke up this morning with smiles on our face.  After breakfast on the balcony, I went down to the “yard” to create a rock surround for the sugar cane by the passion fruit tree.  We have a lot of rocks on our land, and this seemed like a nice way to do some landscaping as well as remove rocks from areas that require frequent strimming. 

A quick break was required (as was Nick) for disposal of a dead rat, an event that a month ago would upset me for a day at least.  Now, though not a frequent occurrence, this is just part of living in the ‘campo’ (country).  As I laid rocks, I reflected on how different our life is these days.  Very different, y muy bueno.

In a while, I’ll do a bit of contract work for the company I worked for in the UK, then move on to clearing of boxes from the living room in preparation for our FURNITURE delivery this weekend.  More on that later.