We’ve been trying to get satellite tv for a few weeks now.  We had another appointment set up for yesterday afternoon but the guy never showed.  A phone call confirmed he was eventually planning to head our way, but was a few hours behind schedule, putting his arrival at around dinner time.  Dinner came and went with no call, so we gave up for the day… again. 

At 8:30pm, the phone rings.  “I’m at the bakery, how do I get to your house?”.  Nick quickly hopped into the car and brought the guy over.  He appologized for the delay but had lost our number.  He knew our neighborhood well as his mother lives up the road from us by the church (a good landmark for local contractors).  He went by hers and asked her where the Americans lived, but alas, she didn’t know.  So, he had to drive back to his office in Aguadilla (35 minutes away) to get our number.  And here we thought EVERYONE knew where we lived…

To make a loooooong story short, by 12:30am (!!!!) we had one of the required two satellite dishes installed on our roof and even some tv channels.  The installation should be completed this evening and Nick might even get his Fox Soccer Channel.  Sadly, he has been deprived of English football since our arrival.  Funnily, we might also finally get some progress on our phone line, as the satellite guy knows someone who works for the telephone company (who are still giving us the run around regarding our defective lines).