Saturday was a very happy day for us, as 3 men showed up in a large van filled with furniture we’d bought earlier in the week in San Juan. I say ‘showed up’, but actually we had to go and find them. We’d been ultra-prepared and took a detailed (lovingly hand crafted) map of our area with us to the store, but naturally it got lost somewhere between the sales lady and the delivery sub-contractors!

Once we found them and escorted them back to our house, they unloaded a dining table & 6 ‘chairs’ (actually funky benches and stools), a leather corner sofa, a large display unit/bookcase, a side table, a queen size bed, 2 bedside tables and a dresser. We had the foresight to pay the extra $50 for assembly, so we sat back and watched as they put the dining table & chairs and bed together.

Unfortunately the metal frame for the bed was the wrong size, so they’ve got to come back (on Tuesday) with a replacement to finish the bed (bedroom photos after that). Equally unfortunately, after the delivery guys had left, Miri noticed a small defect in the leather right in the centre of one of the seats of the sofa. Many phone calls to the store followed – Miri is now on first name terms with one of the owners! – and happily they’ve agreed to replace the sofa on Tuesday. We also decided to order the chest of drawers that goes with the bedroom set as we’d been wavering in the store.

Its great to finally have some furniture in the house. We still need to find a coffee table, a sideboard for by the front door and a couple of nice big plants but its feeling a lot more like home now!

No furniture

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