Bien samana to all our loyal readers.  Today marked another first for me:  A morning run on the beach.  A small trivial thing, but to me, a big part of my Caribbean dream. 

You might have noticed that our personal blog writing style highlights the new, different and mostly positive aspects of our new life.  This is no accident as we don’t think this is the proper format for venting or dwelling too much on negative things (that is what emails and phone calls are for!!!).  It goes without saying that there are some stressful elements to our new lifestyle and adjusting to life in a Latin American/Caribbean culture.  At the end of the day, we know we have signed up for the ‘package deal’ which includes some frustrating and different ways of doing things.  Some days, it is easier than others to focus on the big picture and why it is we decided to do this crazy thing we’re doing! 

Which brings me back to where I started this musing:  A run on a lovely beach on a sunny Monday morning does more than just keep me fit (we’ve been enjoying the local empanadillas a bit too much…)–it helps me focus on the big picture and stay positive.  Me gusta!