A few nights ago we finally met one of our noisest neighbors.  The Coqui is a small tree frog with a very BIG voice.  Click here for a sample of the sound of the coqui. 

Though we’ve been living here for almost 2 months now and had visited many times before moving over, this was the first time we actually laid eyes on the little frogs.  The coquis we saw were hopping about on the balcony and were less than 2cm long.  Cute little buggers but boy are they noisy!  Most Puerto Ricans love the little critters and those who leave the island are nostalgic about the sound of the coqui.  However, I read an article describing the coqui problem that devolped in Hawaii when some Coquis decided to immigrate over in some plants.  Things have gotten so bad in some areas that real estate agents have to disclose an existing ‘Coqui infestation’ when putting a house on the market.