Yesterday we acheived another important milestone:  I acquired a Puerto Rico driving license and Nick aquired a PR learning permit.  By law, new residents should get a PR driving license within 30 days of moving to the island.  The pragmatic push: our insurance required that one of us had a PR license within a month of getting the insurance or the insurance would be invalidated. 

I relinquished my Massachusets license, took a written test (which was actually quite challenging) and got a nicely laminated card (not sure what they’ll make of it at the liquor stores in Allston…).  Well to be honest, of course it really wasn’t that simple.  We had to take multiple trips to the driver services offices in Aguadilla, as the list of documentation we were told was needed was incomplete and we had to go back home (45 minutes each way) to get the additional items.  Thankfully, however, we finally had everything they wanted, including my driving record from MA (thanks Naama!) and my birth certificate.  I almost ended up with a license that read ‘Goldstein Abramson’ on it (traditionally, a Puerto Rican name is first name, father’s last name, mother’s maiden name) but decided to keep thing consistent with my other US government records–sorry Imma!  🙂

There is no reciprocity agreement with the UK, so Nick will have to take the practical test as well.  It is quite ironic that he is the one who drives pretty much all the time, but I’m the one with a full license.