Tuesday turned into a busy day for us. Since we’d ‘skivved off’ and gone to the beach on Sunday we decided to do some chores. First stop was the laundromat, then Miri washed the car while I did some more gardening and liberated another small slice of our land from the jungle…

Before and after
Before and After

Whilst I was working away, the furniture people showed up (2 hrs early!) with our re-delivery. The bad news is they brough the wrong replacement part for the sofa, the good news is we now have a complete bedroom…

Bedroom furniture

They’ll be coming back… again… on Saturday with the right part for the sofa and then we should be done (for now).

Almost immediately after the furniture delivery we had the satellite TV guy (Jose) show up with our DVR box and to finish the dish installation. We are now up and running with all our channels (including lots of live English football!) and the ability to pause live TV, record one show while watching another or record two shows simultaneously (i.e. very similar to Tivo / Sky+).

Mission control
Mission Control

One funny thing was that Jose asked for an empty plastic bottle. We gave him a milk container and he headed up to the roof with it. It turned out he wanted to use it to cover a cable junction box from the elements… only in PR!

Milk container in position!
PR style protection from the rain