As I have already mentioned, we bought another machete and smaller, lighter weed whacker.  Clearing and maintaining our land involves use of both tools and having ‘his’ and ‘hers’ will allow us to be able to clear more land AND actually be able to maintain it during our regular ‘garden’ maintenance sessions (the more we clear, the more there is to keep tidy).

Today I went out to try my new ‘toys’.  After warming up in the back of the house, I set up to clear the fairly overgrown edge of our land along the road.  Got me some amused looks as weed wacking is clearly a male responsibility in these parts of the world.  If at all involved, women follow with the broom to sweep the cuttings off the road.  And before you ask, no, Nick was working so I had to do the sweeping myself… 

I rounded up my work session with some machete work in the back (the thick vines eat up the weed wacker cords).  Then, of course, I visited the banana, which now has 6 visible ‘hands’ and the first hand is spreading its little fingers!  If it stops raining this afternoon, I’ll try to get some more piccies!