We went down to the sports complex this morning–Nick to play tennis and I was going to run and do weights.  Due to poor planning on my part, I managed to bring my i-pod but no headphones…  So, I changed my plan and decided to take the morning aerobics class offered as part of a local municipal project:  Rincón en Forma.  I knew there were classes but was not really sure of any specifics (e.g., timing, content).  But, today was the day to find out.

I found out that the classes were offered every day (morning AND evening) and are completely free!  The class was a lot of fun:  We started out with a mile run outside, then did some cardio kickboxing type aerobics (in other words, no silly steps or complicated coreography) and lots of abs! 

The instructor Alexis is really good, motivating and funny.  He is bi-lingual (though if I couldn’t already count from 1 to 8 in Spanish, today’s class alone would have been sufficient instruction to completely drill those numbers into my head…) and makes sure that everyone, Spanish and English speakers, are doing what they should be doing.  I don’t know if this was a fluke, but today all the English Speakers were on one side of the room, with Spanish speakers on the other.  I met a bunch of really nice women on my side of the room–I hope to bridge the language barrier in the future and get to meet some women from the other side too!  🙂