Yesterday we spent a good amount of time with all things green.  We finally started to chop down our “bad” white trees (these are pest trees that grow like crazy and multiply into dense forests:  “Muy malo!”).  We had received a few quotes for having this done professionally but once we heard the cost (around $600!), decided we can “poco a poco” do it ourselves.

We stopped into a local plant nursery to buy pots for our sprouting coconuts, which, now potted, appear to be flourishing in their new little homes. They got some rain last night and seem to be responding with fairly rapid growth.


At the nursery, we saw a plant we just couldn’t resist.  It is a Cara de Caballo (face of horse!) and we think it is very cool.
 Horse face!

Finally, I think I’ve identified our mystery succulent as Agave decipiensWe have lots of them further down our hill and yesterday I decided it was time to try to transplant one.  The advice I found online suggested that the plants can be propogated in a number of ways, including

  • By dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets)
  • From seed; direct sow after last frost (frost??? what is that?)
  • From bulbils

I took my machete down the hill in quest for something that seemed like an offset (I have no idea what a bulbil is and digging for rhizomes, tubers or corms didn’t appeal to me too much given the size of the mama agave).  Look what I managed to bring up (without seriously impaling myself):

Agave Offset
Now, the online sources suggest that I should allow the cut surface to callous over before planting.  The plant has been chopped for a day now and it hasn’t died yet…  We’ll see if it survives the callousing stage.   If it does, I’ll start relocating the rest of the family! 

All in all, this is good fun but I would be the first one to admit (even before Nick) that I don’t really know what I’m doing (propogating my little Aeonium back in Horley was the most radical plant division I’ve ever done). Advice from anyone in the know would be much appreciated!!!