Having not bought a new power tool for well over a week I was getting withdrawal symptoms. We put that right yesterday with the purchase of an electric chain saw ($99 from Home Depot) to make the removal of the ‘bad’ trees more painless. Its a Black & Decker cordless saw and uses exactly the same 18V batteries as our B&D drill and portable vacuum cleaner. This is really handy as it means I can have 3 fully charged batteries lined up for a long sawing session.

This morning was my first go with it and it is great fun, not to mention a lot less work than using a machete! Some of the tree trunks are 4-5 inches thick and were taking 10 minutes to chop down by hand, but with the power saw each one was just a few seconds work. Miri was working with me to clear the vines from around the tree trunks for access and also paint on stump killer afterwards to (hopefully) stop them re-sprouting.

We’ve cleared a big area already, but unfortunately have a bigger area still to go. It is definitely going to keep us fit and out of trouble, not to mention $600 better off… well actually I suppose $500 now that I’ve bought the saw! 🙂