Yesterday we had our second encounter with the local constabulary.   We spent a very pleasant couple of hours at Playa Escalera (steps), a local beach, for a sunset picnic and relaxation after a hard day’s work doing ‘garden’ maintenence.  Dual trimmer action does cut down on the time it takes us but it is still a good 3 hours of work (which Nick points out is a big improvement on the previous time).

Anyhow, we were nicely relaxed and headed back to our car to discover to our dismay that a front window had been smashed in and some minor contents from the car (phone chargers etc) were snatched.  We had heard of such thefts in other parts of the island but never in our neck of the woods.  Very annoying!

We decided to drive over to the police department (which was on our way home) to file a report in case we need to file a claim with our insurance.  We dealt with the same police officer who had filed our report 2 months ago when we had our little car accident.  It was amusing to note how far we’ve come since then:  I was able to recite our phone number en Espanol and my Puerto Rican driving license made the report filling much easier on all parties. 

Now we are going through the joy of trying to get quotes for the window replacement.  As its a federal holiday today, this is proving to be a bit of a challenge. 

Steps Sunset!